Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

Jibber Jabber prides itself on being an inclusive workplace. This includes ensuring our practice is neurodiversity affirming.

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity refers to the concept that all humans have unique and individual brains. The majority of people are considered neurotypical. This has resulted in the world being built to suit neurotypical people.

What is Neurodiversity Affirming Practice?

Neurodiversity affirming practice is a concept that originated from neurodiverse people, who’s brains are wired differently from neurotypical brains. Neurodiverse brains are not wrong compared to neurotypical brains, and therefore, therapy should not be trying to ‘cure’ or change autistic or ADHDer brains (or other types of neurodiversity), but rather focus on supporting, adapting and changing the environment and world around them to be more inclusive.

Why is Neurodiversity Affirming Practice Important?

Neurodiversity affirming practice is to take on a new lens which considers the differences between neurodiverse and neurotypical brains and make changes and accommodations to support neurodiverse brains. Neurodiversity affirming practice encourages our neurodiverse community to be themselves. Removing their need to “mask” has benefits to their confidence and mental health.

Jibber Jabber clinicians are dedicated to embracing the ‘eye sparkle’ that each of our clients bring into the world.

Learn more in our short videos below:

Video: What is Neurodiversity Affirming Practice?

Video: What is “masking”?