Jibber Jabber Allied Health has a some incredible career opportunities for speech pathologists and occupational therapists at any stage of their career. Graduates in particular benefit from our graduate program which enables the graduate clinician the space and support needed to make the best start in their career possible.

Graduate Program

Jibber Jabber Allied Health’s graduate program is designed for maximum support, allowing the graduate to balance their responsibilities and their development concurrently.


All staff will begin their careers with Jibber Jabber Allied Health with a two-week induction period where they will be shadowing clinicians in their field (the ‘shadowing period’). May include sessions with other discipline for exposure as well as ‘meet and greet’ clients known to be commencing with the starting clinician.

Additional Training

Over the course of 12 months, graduates are provided with in house and on demand webinars covering the areas of:

Speech PathologistOccupational Therapist
Social SkillsSocial Skills
Telepractice (including assessments and pediatric)Telepractice (including assessments and pediatric)
LiteracyIntroduction to Paediatrics
Apraxia of SpeechIntroduction to SP2 and BOT-2 assessments
Deriving Goals from Common AssessmentsToileting
Introduction to AACASD Interventions


All new graduate employees are provided weekly 1 hour one-one mentorship with a senior in their field. This time spot is booked in the calendar so it does not get overlooked. Further, the mentors are available for any help at extra times if needed. This mentorship session will be running for 12 months.

After 2 months, the new graduate will be incorporated into the fortnightly group mentorship time that is already available to all clinicians. This is in addition to the one-one sessions in place for the first 12 months.


New graduates start seeing their clients on week 3, with a baseline case load of 12 clients a week, spread out at 3 clients a day for 4 days a week. The soft goal is an increase of 1 client per week implemented every 4 weeks until 16 clients are achieved. From there, the increase of 1 client per week occur every 6 weeks until 20 clients are achieved, which is the maximum for any staff member.

At the rate specified above, graduates will achieve the full capacity over the course of 43 weeks, approximately 9.5 months. These targets are designed to allow the new graduate the time and space to understand their clients needs, find and fill any gaps of knowledge while also providing high quality service to the client.

Prior to the target time approaching, Jibber Jabber Allied Health’s management will work with the new graduate to ensure they are ready prior to the increase. This ensures any extra support that is needed is provided. Any part time graduates will have the total number of clients scaled proportionally to their part time hours.


We accept applications from graduates and final year students all year around. To apply, please head to our Graduate Program job posting at Indeed and complete the application process.

Intake to the graduate program is limited to availability.

What are staff saying about working for Jibber Jabber Allied Health?


“Jibber Jabber Allied Health is a wonderful company to work for. The atmosphere and all of the staff are friendly and welcoming. The management team genuinely cares about staff and clients. They listen and are happy to make adjustments and changes when required. Working with our clients is extremely rewarding. There is a vast range of resources available which is continually expanding. We are also provided with an administration day each week for completing reports, resources, PDs, etc. I consider myself very fortunate to work at such a supportive company.”


“Jibber Jabber is a great place to begin your career as a new graduate! The caseload is manageable and grows as you grow as a speech therapist. There are many opportunities for professional development as well as independent study of a range of new and exciting intervention approaches. I have also felt very supported throughout the first months of my career, being able to go to experienced speech therapists for advice and ideas on a range of topic areas.” – Karla

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